‘Aura’, the Spring/Summer '16 Collection is a true representation of the brands aesthetics. It’s a juxtaposition of ethnic craftsmanship with the current trends. The inspiration for this collection came from her love for jewellery and this is reflected in her pieces with the use of warm hues of cream and gold. ‘Aura’ with its grandeur makes a statement aiming at the modern Indian women who dress to own the show!
'Suhaag', the Winter/Festive '16 collection by Abha Choudhary takes you on a journey of a girl who wishes to look like an Indian goddess on the day of her wedding, days before the wedding and on special occasions like Karva Chauth and Teej, holy days that mark the auspiciousness of being a 'Suhaagan'.
'Coral 101'verbalizes the assortment of hues and activities of the deep seas that bring together the fierce yet sensual aspects of our imagination. Inspired by the essence of the deep waters and the beautiful deep-sea corals, Abha Choudhary puts forth a collection that captivates and celebrates the scintillating life beneath the elusive waters.

Embodying the fluidity of the seas and the rigidness of the corals, this collection emphasizes on subtle sensuality with a blend of easy flowing fabrics like satin silk and georgette net s coupled with brazen embellishments in the form of corals. The amalgamation of beads and mother of pearls on gorgeous hues of blues, greens, fuchsia and nudes, create an alluring sense of mystery. This Resort wear '17 collection reinforces the label's approach to design with silhouettes that express freedom, amalgamating summery lines and drapes apt for a sojourned state of mind.
'Agnisutra'; derived from the liturgical language of Hinduism, Sanskrti, Agni (aegni) connotes the Vedic Fire God of Hinduism and Sutra (sutra) means 'thread', thus verbalizing the core identity of this Spring / Summer '17 Bridal Couture capsule. This collection is a soulful culmination of the hues of fire flames that come together beautifully with intricate handwork juxtaposed against the alluring richness of tangerine and orange.Fabrics from the roots of India with the extravagance of hand embroidery techniques like chikankari, zardozi, salma and dabka pay ode to true craftsmanship techniques of the Indian cultural heritage.

Taking cues from the magnificence of a burning flame in this Spring Summer collection, Abha has created silhouettes that bring forth the nature of fire and it's movement, celebrating the scintillating grandeur of tradition ensembles, true Indian style.